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Influence is a fundamental skill that leaders must have in order to be effective. Effective leaders inspire, encourage and persuade and not just command their subjects. For a leader to have influence, he must be trustworthy, respectful, committed and bold as these qualities help in promoting positivity.

Influence extends beyond human persons. A product could be an influence in its line. A business could be an influence. What influence does your business or brand have?
For a business or brand to be influential, it has to be visible. It has to stand out and to be of great value. Take for example the instant noodles brand called Indomie. In Nigeria most people call all types of instant noodles Indomie. This is indicative of the the influence they have on that industry. If one was to have a taste instant noodles for the first time in Nigeria, it’s highly likely that they be having Indomie.
Can you business stand out among it contenders? Every viable business that stands out in this day and age has a viable presence on the web. A good website ensures the credibility of that business. This is one way to increase your audience and reach. With the added benefit of good search engine optimization (SEO) your organic reach is sure to improve prospects for your customer acquisition, brand value and revenue.
“Build your Influence today”.