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Application Development

The Challenge

The demand for mobile apps has escalated now a days which is why Computesolve excels in designing & developing brilliant mobile applications. We are a cutting-edge mobile app development company that offers mobile app development for Android , iOS and windows.


The Solution

Our developers are experienced, knowledgeable and exceptionally creative to accomplish clients’ needs. As words such as ‘compromise’ and ‘outdated’ don’t exist in our dictionary, we deploy up-to-date tools and technology to create customized mobile applications that are perfect for customer needs and enterprises.

Mobile Apps Development


We are not confined up to a particular zone, as we build every type of Android apps. Our developers are professional and impeccably passionate in crafting highest quality mobile applications.


We design and develop elegant, impressive and engaging iOS applications that are not only lucrative but also performance oriented from business point of view. Our professionals believe in ‘simple & smart’ ideology and hence, ensure creating apps that are user-friendly and easy-to-use.


Be it design or layout; UI to UX, we do everything our clients’ desire. Following a streamlined process, we build matchless apps.

Why Choose Us ?

We possess the skills and credentials required to create top quality and trusted tablet apps. Be it for business or one’s own idea they are interested in expanding further, our experts are always up with the services.

A successful app is the one that compels the users to come back again and again. Our interactive, friendly and catchy apps keep users engaged happily. Providing excellent customer service is our forte and our apps are sure to fulfill customers’ needs.

Count on us because we:

  • Are highly experienced
  • Provide dynamic services to different platforms
  • Offer cost effective services
  • Work within timeline
  • Follow high-quality development process
  • Have profound knowledge of mobile technologies and frameworks
  • Are recognized and reputed in developing robust mobile apps

How We Approach It?

  • We begin with collecting clients needs in terms of features they want and purpose of the app.
  • Putting in all the required specifications, we create the app, which is sure to impress the customers with its easy and smooth running nature.
  • We ensure work done by us is unique and has every quality that attracts maximum customer as well as the user base.

App Testing

Our developers follow perfection like anything and make sure apps created by them do not face any issue in execution and deployment. Once the app is built, it is tested on scales of performance and ease. Before handing the app to the customer, it is checked following highly-tested apps development methodology.

  • App Testing 100% 100%
  • Mobile Sales 80% 80%
  • App Upgrade and Maintenance 80% 80%
  • Desktop 50% 50%

App Upgrade & Maintenance

As customers take no time in upgrading to the latest OS platforms, it is extremely important to upgrade existing applications to the latest version which is packed with advanced functionalities. When a project is given to us, we ensure improving it with high-precision app upgrade and maintenance services making sure our clients’ never miss out any business opportunity.


We at Computesolve, leverage the best-of-technologies to build desktop applications that are user-friendly and effective.

Our experts help our clients to spruce-up their business via easy-to-access and use Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDAs). Our desktop applications facilitate instant content synchronization, quick file system access and ready management of downloadable content even while working offline.

Our professional developers use the best of their technical experience and industry expertise that lower the complexity of the business process, improves the performance and hasten the business productivity.